Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lets go green and plant some trees.

Every man should plant a tree in his lifetime. Or two. Or more.

The code:

Apart from creating a nice looking visual effect this application also demonstrates how easy it is to group graphic elements together and to bind an eventhandler to it. By using the ready made effects you can easily achieve a hoover effect for free. Maybe you play around with the parameters to create your own personal forrest. It gets quite addictive ;-)

You can also clone the project on the github page so you should be setup in no time. Just clone, change to directory, execute

mvn package 

and, after compiling, execute

java -jar target\plant-some-trees-with-javafx-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jfx.jar

Thanks for reading. Maybe you are also interested in the second part of the (organic) tree visualisation series.

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