Sunday, February 24, 2013

JavaFX 3D Hello World

To compile JavaFX with 3D features you have to get the early access version of the JDK8.

At the moment as far as I know there is only a windows support for the 3D features, but a build for Mac and Linux will soon be released. (Luckily enough 3D support also works for a virtualized Windows running on Mac - this is how i got to the screeenshots.)

This blog entry is about a Scala version of the provided 3D examples

First, there is the class PhongMaterial, which defines some sort of "Phong shaded material". Basically you can create a material which can have a color or some texture. 

a red box and a blue sphere rendered with JavaFX

This is a screenshot of the same program, different colors, with a bumpmap applied:

example using a bump map
Here is the code:

With a little imagination you can surely think of many ways to use this features in your applications. At the moment PhongMaterial is the only implementation of the abstract Material class. 

In the above example, Sphere and Box classes are used to represent 3D shapes, but there are also other primitives provided, like Cylinder or MeshView.

You may also want to peek into the sources on the openjfx repository:

hg clone

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