Saturday, August 24, 2013

HSV Adjuster - interactive HSV colorspace application

The application I'm describing in this blog post can help you determining HSV values for objects you show to your webcam.

Here is a video:

Here is a screenshot:

screenshot of the application

Here is complete the source, lookup apps/hsvadjuster/ application.

Maybe you take the time to read a little about HSV in the wikipedia.

This application uses b103 of the early access release of JDK8 and additionally the controlsFX library written by the fxexperience team. The widget I'm using is called RangeSlider.

This time I've used fxml, if you want to use widgets like the RangeSlider don't forget to import them in the header instructions.

This post was very heavily inspired by a blog post on object detection using color separation for C++. Thanks for sharing. There you can find how to use the application to find proper lower and upper bounds for your light conditions and target colors.

For reference, I've created a gist to quickly browse through the key parts of the code: