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Highlights 2013

This page contains links to all videos linked on the various articles of this blog and gives also some sort of shortcut and summary of the individual posts. This list does not link to all content of the blog, only some personal highlights and will be edited on the go.

Color Extractor

This application can be used to extract regions with the same color out of an image stream.

Sudoku Grabber and Solver

Much work went into this application, the result is described in a two part series of blog posts:

HSVAdjuster - an application to experiment with Hue, Saturation and Value

2D Image Filters

This article gives some insight in kernels for image processing.

OpenCV and JavaFX

This video shows how you can use your webcam in combination with Scala and JavaFX. Furthermore I'm experimenting with some image postprocessing. Below are the links to the relevant articles:

Build up a rendering pipeline:
A way (of many) to use your webcam with JavaFX: Part I, Part II, Part III
One of many prerequisites is to setup OpenCV with Java bindings which is explained in this blog post.

JavaFX 3D Tree Visualisiation

This video shows the result of an app to render physical trees (well, sort of). Read the journey to the application in the Javamagazin 8.13 or in this ebook (german) - or the (very) short version of it here.

I've implemented also a 2D version of the application, which is described in more detail here, here and here.

John Conway's Game of Life (in 3D)

John Conway's Game of Life - doesn't need much more explanation - does it? Anyway, have a look of my implementations for JavaFX in 2D and for the new 3D capabilities introduced with JDK1.8.

JavaFX Lightning

The lightning effect yields with simple methods a quite nice visual effect.

Thats it! 

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