Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sudoku Capturer Release 1.6

Sudoku Capturer presents itself now as a self contained app, without the need of OpenCV Manager as a separate download.

Carter Buton Album Loan_00115
From a album belonging to barnstormer/daredevil Carter Buton.

I've decided to use the possibility to integrate OpenCV as a native library without the OpenCV Manager functionality since it improves dramatically the user experience for the application.

Many people had been asking themselves why a "third party" dependency had to be installed for the Sudoku Capturer application, and thus I've decided to go the "deprecated" road and link the OpenCV libraries "statically".

In retrospect I should have done this much earlier, since I've learned that I don't have to include every static lib which is offered by OpenCV, I get away with only a subset of those libraries, and the download is in sum even smaller than with the OpenCV Manager.

Since OpenCV is the only native library I need it suffices to copy the libs to the appropriate place and thankfully the android maven plugin does the rest. Sudoku Capturer supports with armeabi-v7a architecture.

About Sudoku Capturer

Sudoku Capturer is an app to solve Sudokus by using your mobile phone camera. The app uses OpenCV and and Scala, and runs on Android. Furthermore a testbed exists which targets JavaFX on the desktop which makes the development process and debugging of the image processing part much more practical than the typical mobile development workflow would ever permit. The whole source code is hosted on GitHub and can be used for your own experiments.