Sunday, January 3, 2016

fx-tictactoe - A TicTacToe App using JavaFX and Scala

This post describes fx-tictactoe, a tictactoe game written in Scala with JavaFX.

Screenshot of the TicTacToe application

I was inspired to write this application because I recently watched an old 80's film with Matthew Broderick called "War games". Moreover, I used this topic as an assignment for an introductory JavaFX / Scala course I held in autumn 2015.

To get a little bit into the mood for playing TicTacToe, you could watch one scene of this film on youtube, where the evil master program learns how to play the game.

TicTacToe is one of the games which is simple enough such that you can pre-calculate all possible game states. This "game tree" approach allows you then to choose one of the remaining moves which leads to a win.

To make the application a bit more interesting, it also shows some css wrangling which could be used for your experiments as well.

Here is a snippet of the source code which shows the relevant part of the solving algorithm.

Have a look at the self contained source code for the whole app on my github site.

Ps: For some readers the most interesting part maybe is the background photo, which shows a frozen lake on one of my last mountain hikes at about 2700 meters above sea level in the Austrian alps.

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